As a combat Veteran I have helped hundreds of Marines train for the tactics needed during survival. My unique, yet simple approach will help you achieve the transformation you are seeking. My individual approach will change your perceptions and attitude about exercise, fitness, and overall health. Currently I offer services in San Pedro, Torrance, and Rancho Palos Verdes. The training I offer can assist you in losing weight, toning your body, prental and postnatal fitness, excelling in sports (football, baseball, golf, tennis, football, soccer, etc.), and/or improving your overall health and appearance.

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Liana U.

"My experience training with Keith has been all positives. He is encouraging, upbeat and keeps me motivated. Keith's classes are challenging and rigorous but yet fun. He really pays attention to his client's form to insure we are benefiting from the workout as well as preventing injury. I truly look forward to attending his workouts. Thank you for being such an awesome personal trainer!!"
Personal Training

Cale and Marlene

"My fiancé and I started partners training with Keith a month ago. We have gone from huffing and puffing just to go up a flight of stairs to having no trouble. Keith has provided the motivation for us to work out and he does it in a fun way. We see him 3 times a week and we appreciate his flexible schedule. Every session is different, keeping the workout fresh and breaking the monotony. Since having Keith work with us I have notice an increased in energy. Like I mentioned above, I used to have trouble going up stairs, trouble pushing the cart from Costco to my car. Now I notice I am no longer short of breath while doing these things and it feels great. All of this was made possible by Keith. There are many personal trainers out there but none like Keith Hunter..."
Personal Training


"I was at a point where I knew I needed to make a change... Keith always changes it up, and I never know what to expect. He makes it fun, and has so much knowledge about the body, proper techniques, and how not to get injured. He tailors my workout around my bad knee...Bottom line, I am feeling great, and sleeping better. Lastly, I have a business partner who also needs to drop about 30 pounds...I remind myself how much I spend on lunch and dinner every day, and compared to Keith's sessions, it's a deal! I am so glad I found him, he was the first and best choice!!"
Personal Training


"Keith Hunter is the best personal trainer out there. His workouts always make me burn the most calories. The workouts are changing all the time so you won't get bored. I never enjoyed working out until I started to see results and I started to see results when I began working out with Keith! Keith is also a great motivator during your workouts so you keep putting forth 100%. His workouts will challenge you to be your best each and every time!"